Mardi Gras Parade Of Posters
25th Anniversary Collection

Mardi Gras Parade of Posters is a work of art in itself.” - Irene Watson, Amazon Reader Reviewer

“Vibrant, dazzling, impressive”-Deb Fowler

“The artist’s collection is impressive” “Frameworthy” - ALISHA MURPHY, READ SPIN

“A-List! ” Today’s Books May 17, 2010 - Editor, Lex Ticonderoga puts
Mardi Gras Parade of Posters on the “A-List!”.

“Joyous and flamboyant.” - Gail Cooke, Amazon top 10 Reviewer

“The event, the art and the artist are one.”- Kim Gromoll, Designer, Universal Studios Orlando

A celebration of the Mardi Gras experience, this collection of vibrant posters contains dozens of iconic Carnival memories from renowned artist Andrea Mistretta.


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